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Demolition Dinos an action-packed multiplayer party game, in which up to four players can compete within various minigames as derpy dinosaurs, capable of destroying everything!

Local & Online Multiplayer
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Meet the Dinos

While they look cute, their looks can be deceiving: These dinosaurs are on a mission for demolition, capable of crushing buildings and sending other dinosaurs into ragdoll-heaven!

Progress through the game to earn new skins and customize your dinosaur to your liking.

...and the Destruction!

Everything can be destructed! A custom physics solution turns playful exploration into an intense and satisfying experience.

Enjoy physically accurate, full-scale destruction of the environment.


Dinosaur eggs are scattered across procedurally spawned islands, and you want to collect more than your friends to win!

A moving platform guides you and your friends through these islands, on which minigames and other challenges take place.

Unlike other party games these Minigames are not seperated by loading screens, creating seamless and replayable action!


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